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LexMeet -

LexMeet: Where Technology Meets Legal Service

The techno era gives people efficient and easier access to products and services. With just a few clicks, they get what they need such as online shopping and transportation booking.

But what if access to reliable legal help is also possible online with a few clicks? It would be easier and way too convenient for clients, right?

This is what LexMeet offers; an online legal support platform that houses the best and credible lawyers in the country and allows clients to efficiently submit their cases to their preferred lawyer/s.

Let’s meet, the team behind the name, LexMeet!

What is LexMeet?

LexMeet is a real-time online legal consultation platform that accommodates both clients and professional lawyers. It serves as the mediating platform that channels the lawyers to clients who need their help and vice versa.

The concept is simple, the platform connects clients who are seeking legal support with lawyers of different expertise. It also allows the clients to choose their own lawyer/s from their database of lawyers that are members of the platform.

LexMeet held their soft-launching last December 2017. And as of April 11, 2018, they already gained 2,142 clients served, 57 lawyers in the team and Php 227,972 client’s credits loaded into the system. This is done with minimal marketing effort testing the market’s acceptance of a new legal tech industry.

The Brain behind the Endeavor

Atty. Marlon Valderama founded the E-Lawyers Online, an online based consultation platform managed by Valderama Law office. It aims to provide fast legal services to Overseas Filipino Workers who need legal help but doesn’t have time and access to Philippine’s legal support system.

E-Lawyers online targets the over 10 million population of Filipino migrant workers who potentially need legal service to settle the issues they’ve left behind. As we all know, due to geographical distance, personal issues arise such as failed marriages, child support and custody, inheritance and investment, and others.


His experience in helping relatives and friends with their legal concerns pushed him to start E-Lawyers Online to bridge the gap between Valderama Law Firm and its potential clients. The platform offers complete assistance from easy signing up process, appointment setting, and payment gateway.

With the success of E-Lawyers Online, Atty. Valderama wanted to share his success with his co-lawyers not just the ones from his firm but to every lawyer in the Philippines and in different parts of the globe. With a strong motivation to share his success, he founded LexMeet to accommodate other lawyers who want to try online lawyering.

The Logic behind the Name

The name LexMeet has its own story as well. Atty. Valderama found a name for his new venture by chance.

It all started when Atty. Valderama requested his co-founders to meet and start brainstorming regarding LexMeet. He texted them numerous times saying “Come on, let’s meet! Let’s start this thing!

The funny part was, they were actually annoyed by Atty. Valderama’s numerous text messages. And when he re-read his messages, he then realized and said to himself “yeah, we’ve got a company name!

They then modified the word “let’s” to a more lawyer-related term and changed it to “Lex”, a Latin word which means law or statute. The verb “Meet”, which means to see or speak with someone, was retained since it signifies the platform’s meaning and goal. That’s how the LexMeet name was formed which means legal meeting.

LexMeet’s logo also signifies the same thing. It is composed of two hands forming a “shake hand” gavel which is the professional gesture of agreement. The red colored hand represents the lawyer while the green one represents the client.

How do LexMeet works?

LexMeet offers free registration to both clients and lawyers. They can set up their account by visiting LexMeet website. They can either use their email or Facebook to create an account.

When the client needs a legal consultation, they just need to click the Submit Legal Problems button located in the upper right side of their dashboard. It will connect them to a form that the client needs to answer with correct information. 

This will serve as a basis for the lawyer to understand their issues, questions, objectives, and goals. They can also attach supporting documents if there’s any.

Registration to the website is FREE but you need to load your account with a minimum of $10 (Php 500) to access their database of lawyers and choose your desired lawyer to handle your case.

LexMeet, being your one-stop legal service shop, allows you to pay your service fees via Paypal and DragonPay payment gateways.

LexMeet system is equipped with a lawyer-client matching algorithm which proactively provides a set of lawyer choices in terms of specialization, location, and language relevant to the client’s submitted legal issue.

Once the client selected his/her lawyer, he/she will then request an appointment schedule which the lawyer needs to agree with if he/she is still available to handle one more case. Once both parties agreed to it, they will meet via LexMeet’s video conference or call conference. During the online conference call, the system automatically deducts the client’s credits and credits it to the lawyer’s account as professional/consultation fee in accordance with the platform’s standard professional rate.

The automatic credit debit will only stop once the client’s credit is all used up or either one of them hang-ups.

Once the conference is over, you may leave a suggestion or comment about your chosen lawyer in the feedback mechanism. This will help the platform find ways to improve its service.

LexMeet’s Business Model, Explained!

As of now, LexMeet earns via two ways. First, the platform earns through the clients’ use of the Lawyers List where the platform gets a standard $1 (Php 50.00) per client access.

Secondly, the platform earns a small chunk from each talk time credits. LexMeet gets US$.30 (Php 15.00) per minute of client-lawyer talk time which they call as platform fee. The lawyers, on the other hand, earns US$.40 per talk time fee.

Lexmeet is a growing platform. They are developing different interesting and revenue gaining features such as legal document assembly, mediation, and others.

The LexMeet Team

LexMeet was conceived through the positive and hopeful minds of its four founders.

Atty. Marlon P. Valderama

  • President/CEO and Founder of LexMeet Inc. He is a lawyer himself, started and ventured into founding and managing his own law firm, the Valderama Law Office in the Philippines. He also fearlessly ventured into virtual lawyering and launched his very own virtual law office called E-Lawyers Online
  • He created the “ELSA” which stands for E-Law Solutions App, a legal practice software which he also uses.
  • He specializes in the field of corporate and litigations. He is also known as the pioneer of E-Lawyering in the Philippines, started the idea, build the concept, and handled the process and overall management.

The Co-founders:

Redg Fernandez

  • He handles the “Designs” and has been working with the team since 1996 when they first set up Atty. Valderama’s first virtual legal consultation team, the E-Lawyers Online.

Gino Carlo Cortez

  • He works as the lead tech and handles system concerns since 2010 and initially worked for E-Law

Mel Jamero

  • He works as the lead tech and handles system concerns since 2010 and initially worked for E-Law

The Legal Advisor of the Legal Company

The advisor of the legal consultation platform is Joe and Matt Abrams who were also the investors of which had a successful exit. They are good in analytics and has been in the tech industry for long and they already know the pattern, what to do and what not to do.

Legal Tech Market in the Philippines

E-lawyering is a fresh and young industry in the Philippines. Being a pioneer in the industry doesn’t always mean that you don’t have competition. In fact, it is risky because there’s no pattern or inspiration to look forward to. But in the case of LexMeet, they launched and made their company bigger and bolder.

The fact that there is no legal tech company in the country that focuses in modernizing virtual lawyering system, practice management, artificial intelligence, and legal documentation gave Valderama Law office the hint to create its own law office practice management software called ELSA. ELSA or E-Law Solutions App is going to be incorporated with LexMeet in the days to come.

The Competition

LexMeet, an offspring company of Valderama Law Office’s E-Lawyering Online, has no relevant competition as of the moment.

There are pioneer legal tech companies in the Philippines but the difference is that they are geared towards a different purpose and offers different products and services.

CD Asia Technologies, for instance, is a long-time partner of Lexis Nexis. Yes, they are into legal tech but they are geared to online selling and subscription of law books and jurisprudence among other areas of law. There are also other websites that deal, sell, or offer products pertaining to Philippine laws and jurisprudence but nothing like LexMeet.

Parting Words from LexMeet

We are now rolling out our mobile app and hopefully will be available in the middle of 2018. We have more features in store for our clients and lawyers and we are very excited about it. It will really revolutionize the legal tech industry. We are gearing to be the largest meeting place of lawyers and clients all over the world and marketplace of all things about legal. LexMeet will be seamless for both clients and lawyers and they will be able to interact productively using our technology. It’s because, in LexMeet, it is where technology meets legal practice.


LexMeet is beyond innovation, it’s a living proof that every industry needs technology to level up their services and reach more people.

Professional, credible, and reliable legal help is now one click away. There’s no reason for you to keep your legal issues by yourself. Act now, solve them and ask lawful resolutions from the best lawyers.

Talastas’ supports great and noble start-ups. This is our way of saying keep up the good work. We love the underdogs and #supportlocal tech businesses. Let’s all work hand in hand in creating a better community with technology.

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