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Talastas.tech is Telmo Solutions’ technology and entertainment news site.

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Talastas Team

Talastas was developed and maintained by the Telmo Solutions Team

Our articles and content however are written by our partner writer and other contributors below.

Rechille Francisco

Chill is a writer of Talastas, a Digital Product of Telmo Solutions. She earned her 8 years’ experience as a content writer through working as a freelancer with the industry’s top outsourcing platforms. She covered different topics from social media, sports, affiliate marketing, online earning opportunities, sports, culture, technology, events, and travel. She is a proud bookworm who loves watching movies and writing poems.

John Calvara

John is our video production & post-production, occasional gaming correspondent and movie reviewer.

Occasional Contributors

Lyza Sabornido

Lyza is an occasional writer for Talastas. She was hired as a freelance writer for a couple of our articles.


Sven&Sammy (pseudonym) is an occasional guest writer for Talastas.

Our story

Talastas was conceived by Ken Telmo, his idea was to build a website that informs and delivers news about the latest & upcoming technology. Given Ken and his team from Telmo Solutions are exposed and connected to other IT groups and businesses in Tacloban City, the Philippines and the rest of the world, it was perfectly natural for them to gather data of exciting news in the forever evolving and improving technology of the human race.

In Talastas, We aim deliver to you the latest local and international tech startups, potential business technology opportunities, new mobile/tablet applications, latest updates on your favorite social media platform,  news/updates on the latest coding and languages, latest movies, tv shows/series, music, and of course games!

 Talastas aims to deliver to you a credible and quality tech new resource.

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