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Grit PH – Start. Grow. Repeat.​

GRIT PH - Avaris IO

Grit PH is one of AVARIS IO’s digital product which deals with helping growing entrepreneurs through providing them with proper information, business hacks, and other useful guides that may serve as a manual to new and incoming entrepreneurs.

The concept is simple- Grit Ph serves as an information bank entrepreneurs. Their ideas and blog topics are essential, timely, and relevant to the current trend in marketing and business.

What makes them different from other online finance/business news site is that they talk about anything under the sun within the entrepreneurial and business context.

They keep both the old school and digital entrepreneurs
updated on the new trend and styles in the business world.

Grit Ph also provides startups with a fair fighting chance in the industry through featuring them. This helps boost their popularity, establish the brand’s image, and introduce them to the local and foreign market.

Avaris IO, formerly known as Xight Interactive Asia, is a Quezon City-based digital marketing and publishing agency that provides services in improving a brand’s image, website traffic, and revenue through different

SEO techniques and strategies. They focus on enterprise-level technical SEO, content marketing, and link building.

The company offers different internet marketing strategies from creating a name through smart exposure via Technical SEO, crafting engaging and interesting stories through their strategized content marketing, and making your band as an authority in the industry through wise link building.

Avaris IO is divided into two sub-divisions to ensure efficient delivery of service in accordance with each team’s expertise.
The first is a service-oriented business division which is geared towards providing clients with high quality organic digital marketing services. They are currently working with foreign high-end brands.

The second division is their own digital products. Avaris IO knows the importance of creating your own brand. They are funding and developing their own digital products such as Grit PH.

Since 2011, Avaris IO has been providing services to different authority brands in SaaS, eCommerce, B2B, Fintech, and other technology websites and online publications.

The People behind the Name

  •  He is the renowned author of “kaiserthesage” where he shares his ideas about effective, achievable, and realistic SEO strategies. He is also the co-founder of Avaris IO, the Head of Strategy, R&D marketing, and client acquisition.

JP Prieto

  • He is a co-founder of Avaris IO and works as Head of Operations, Process Development, Biz Development, and Client Relations.

Mark Dela Cruz

  • He handles the Digital PR section and works as a Business Columnist at Avaris. He is also a music arranger, composer, tailor, theatre actor, a professional voice actor for advertisements, a business school graduate and a pet lover amongst other passion-filled things that he does.

Naida Alabata

  • She is an entrepreneur who loves sharing her first-hand experience in business through working with Avaris as a Content Marketing and Digital PR Specialist.

Michie Victoriano

  • He is Avaris’ resident Marketing Research and Analyst.

Bingo Ventura

  • He is currently the Managing Director at Notimpo and an Editor of a New York City-based news website. He is also working as a Managing Editor of Avaris and its digital products.

Lauren Villarama

  • She works as the company’s Senior Editor and an Editor
    at Emeritus of Ventura Consultancy.

Amiel Pineda

  • He is a former BPO employee and is now working with Avaris as a Business and Finance Columnist.

Aaron Chichioco

  • He is the company’s Digital Marketing Specialist and a technical writer working on Business Columns.

Jolina Landicho

  • She is a Marketing Strategist and loves sharing her knowledge in improving brands’ performance through working with Avaris IO as a Marketing Consultant and Digital PR Specialist.

AVARIS IO’s Legacy from the Co-founder’s Viewpoint

I’ve always believed that “to educate is the best way to sell”. Education is the backbone of most robust communities, governments, and economies. And one thing that we’re really good at is making information more easily accessible to people needing/looking for it.

That’s why most of our organization’s side ventures are geared towards improving information dissemination in the country – given that we’re pretty much behind, especially when it comes to topic areas that really matter in life (ex: personal finance, career, mental health, etc…).

The Internet is the greatest invention of our generation. And we want to change how Filipinos consume and make use of it. 


Knowing that Filipinos are creating a name in the digital world makes us proud of where we came from. Avaris IO also started from scratch and is now making it to the top through combined efforts, faith on their God-given skills and talents, eagerness to continue learning, and determination to leave a positive and inspiring legacy in the industry.

Talastas, being a digital product of Telmo Solutions, look up to these people behind the successful company as a great inspiration. We are still learning, working, and striving to make it to the top. And seeing that people made it makes us want to believe that we can make it too.

We would like to thank Avaris/Grit PH for sharing your experiences, knowledge, and skills to us, to your audience, and to your clients.

Thank you for helping the start-ups and underdogs START.GROW.REPEAT. Star Post Rating

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Chill is a writer of Talastas, a Digital Product of Telmo Solutions. She earned her 8 years’ experience as a content writer through working as a freelancer with the industry’s top outsourcing platforms. She covered different topics from social media, sports, affiliate marketing, online earning opportunities, sports, culture, technology, events, and travel. She is a proud bookworm who loves watching movies and writing poems.
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