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Hi, I’m Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook Hoax Video/Message

Mark Zuckerberg Hoax Video

Hoax Message:

Hi, I’m Mark Zuckerberg The Director of Facebook.

Hello everyone, it seems that all the warnings were real, Facebook use will cost money. If you send this string to 18 different from your list, your icon will be blue and it will be free for you.

If you do not believe me tomorrow at 6 pm that facebook will be closed and to open it you will have to pay, this is all by law.

This message is to inform all our users, that our servers have recently been very congested, so we are asking for your help to solve this problem. We require that our active users forward this message to each of the people in your contact list in order to confirm our active facebook users if you do not send this message to all your facebook contacts then your account will remain inactive with the consequence of Lose all your cont the transmission of this message. Your SmartPhone will be updated within the next 24 hours, will have a new design and a new color for the chat. Dear Facebook users, we are going to do an update for facebook from 23:00 p.m. until 05:00 a.m. on this day.

If you do not send this to all your contacts the update will be canceled and you will not have the possibility to chat with your facebook messages

Will go to pay rate unless you are a frequent user. If you have at least 10 contacts Send this sms and the logo will turn red to indicate that you are a user confirmed. We finish it for free Tomorrow they start to collect the messages for Facebook at 0.37 cents.

Forward this message to more than 9 people of your contacts and it will be free of life for you to watch and it will turn green the ball of above do it and you will 9 of you

Is Facebook monetizing and charging its users? hoax or the truth?

News about Facebook has been recently circulating the internet. It says that the platform will stop offering free services to existing users unless they follow the “share to 18 friends” process.

This stirs confusion, doubt, and panic to most of the population considering that almost everyone is an active Facebook user. The message is ridiculously insane in the sense that it is illogical for Facebook to reconstruct their business model. Why now? And most especially, why now when everything is messy?

Facebook is financially established even if they’re offering their users with free service. 

How can they sustain it?

“By running ads”!

Before everything gets more confusing, let Talastas clear your minds and explain the possibilities through facts.

Where it All Started?

Recently, Facebook has been involved in a privacy breach scandal that shocked the whole world and affected the market value of the biggest social media platform.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal stirs confusion, panic, and turmoil to Facebook users. Yes, Cambridge Analytica illegally harvested over 80 million Facebook user data to aid Trump’s election.

Being a data mining firm, they use internet data and analyzes it to predict and “change people’s behavior”. They work alongside with companies, businesses, and political parties. With sufficient data and smart analysis, they can come up with an effective slogan, campaign, and tagline.

Data mining is a normal source of information for online marketers but extracting data from a private firm, network, and organization is ILLEGAL.

Now what happened with Facebook is that CA used users data to predict and secure Trump’s presidential seat without the consent of Facebook management and the profile owners.

How did they do it? Simple, they used Aleksandr Kogan’s application.

Kogan’s app is called “This is your digital life”. It is a personality quiz that asks users to share their Facebook information. The thing is, once you sign up, they will store and save your information along with your Facebook friends’ information into their database.

Kogan sold these data to Cambridge Analytica through his company, Global Science Research.

Is Facebook Going to Shut Down Its Free Service?

Honestly, Facebook hasn’t released any statement regarding this matter. But let’s look at what happened during the Congressional hearing that may lead to this news.

  • Mark Zuckerberg gracefully acquitted himself through his smart answers, professional gestures, and intelligent thinking. If that’s the case, then why will he change his business model? What’s with the sudden change?
  • He even mentioned during the Congressional Hearing that he will entertain and consider ideas in regulating the technology industry. This is in line with Minnesota Democrat Senator Amy Klobachar’s suggestion to notify the user within 72 hours alerting them that their privacy has been breached.

Continue below…

If he is willing to do all possible damage control, then why is he going to make changes in Facebook membership? He knew too well that this will endanger the platform especially in times like this.

  • Zuckerberg openly admitted that Facebook is working with Robert Mueller’s, a special counsel that investigates the privacy breach case, in finding facts regarding the Russian involvement during the 2016 elections.

He is just trying to get to the bottom of what happened, not change the platform’s membership rules.

  • Mark Zuckerberg publicly apologized for the slip-ups in Facebook data security. He emphasized the benefits of Facebook from connecting people, speaking your mind, informing the public, and creating jobs. But at the end, he humbly apologized for not seeing the possibility of a data breach in the platform. He also enumerated his roadmap plan in correcting the security lapses and reversing the situation.
  • Facebook is an established free-service business. They earn money through running ads. Plain and Simple!

If he is looking for ways to solve the issue, then what makes him decide to shut Facebook’s free service down? Why will he charge you for your social media activity? Isn’t that absurd?

Talastas’ Opinion

We can’t entirely confirm whether Facebook would be shutting down its free services is entirely real, not until Mr. Zuckerberg releases a statement. By reports of reliable news companies assures Facebook will always be free which is based on Mark’s statement on the early years of the tech giant, plus the statement he mentioned in the awkward congressional grilling this week. 

There will always be a version of Facebook that is free’ (<= clickable)

However, assessing and analyzing  the message alone — we can confirm it’s a complete fabrication, including the circulating hoax video.

If you watch the video closely, you’ll notice that it is suspiciously edited. Not long ago,  a group in the University of Washington researchers have developed new algorithms that can turn audio-clips into a lip-synced video , enabling a false representation of a person speaking fabricated words. This technology is a combined technique of computing methodologies which involves image-based rendering, image manipulation, animation and shape modeling. A detailed paper documenting the technology was presented last Aug. 2017 at  SIGGRAPH 2017.  (We’ll cover more about this technology on a future article.)

Furthermore in the video, when Mr. Zuckerberg usually releases a statement, the camera occasionally focuses on him delivering the message but that’s not the case with the trending and circulating hoax. His voice does not match the real Mark Zuckerberg odd tone, and his facial expressions seems awfully robotic and unnatural.

Given with the facts mentioned above, there is a low chance that Mark Zuckerberg will shut free Facebook services. And why will he shift to paid membership anyway? It’s too irrational, and counter-productive.

With the scandal that Facebook is currently facing, Mark Zuckerberg and the entire management needs its users to stay active on the platform. This will help them regain public trust, obtain back their partners, and get back to where they were before.

Mark Zuckerberg started the business with the model of free service to users and will remain as such until the man of the hour himself faces the public, hold an official press interview, and post it in his account admitting the sudden change of business model.

But until he officially announces the change, let us stick to the facts and not assume.

A piece of advice coming from the team, if you are unsure about the messages you receive, Don’t Share It. Fake news is all around! Let’s not contribute to spreading FAKE NEWS. This may stir unnecessary panic and confusion to people.

If unsure, Stop and Think. If clueless, Ask Google! Doing a bit of researching will give you Facts, not Chats!

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