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Top 6 Confusingly Hilarious Questions the Congress asked Mark Zuckerberg

Top 6 Confusingly Hilarious Questions U.S. Congress asked Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is undeniably relieved that his 2-day face off before the Congress was finally over. He exonerated himself from …
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Cambridge Analytica Scandal

USER DATA INFRINGEMENT: The Cambridge Analytica Scandal

The giant social media company, Facebook, has been engulfed in a data privacy scandal “allegedly manipulated” by Cambridge Analytica. What …
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Mark Zuckerberg Hoax Video

Hi, I’m Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook Hoax Video/Message

Hoax Message: Hi, I’m Mark Zuckerberg The Director of Facebook.Hello everyone, it seems that all the warnings were real, Facebook …
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