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Standing Desk of Stance Philippines: Change the Way you Work

Standing Desk of Stance Philippines: Change the Way you Work

Standing Desk of Stance Philippines: Change the Way you Work

Stance Philippines brought the concept of standing work desk into the country with their very own version of the re-adjustable Stand-up work desk.

In the country, we have a common understanding of what an office looks like. The basic component of an office is a work desk and a chair along with electronics and other gadgets necessary for productivity.

A full-time employee normally works at least 8 hours a day and even extends the working hours during overtime. Sitting on your chair for 8 hours may cause health issues due to constrained blood flow and extended abnormal posture.

According to a study, sitting for more than 3 hours a day shortens a person’s life expectancy by 2 years and the ones at high risk on this are the office workers.

In the US, they helped eliminate the potential health risk on office workers by introducing standing desks. Employers and business owners took the initiative to create a better, comfortable and health friendly working environment for their workers by setting up standing desk in their production floor and office areas.

In the Philippines, the concept is new and Stance Philippines knew that the Filipinos needs this tool now more than ever. That’s why they introduced and market their own version of Stand-up desks to the public.

What is Stance Stand Up desk?

Stance Stand-up desk is a modified version of the common working desk with re-adjustable metal frames located on both sides just below the top desk

What makes Stance Stand-up desk different from the conventional working desk is that it allows you to stand up or sit and work. It lets you to move and change body position from time to time instead of sitting all day and straining your muscles from lack of activity.

What is the purpose of Stance Standing Desk?

The purpose of their idea is simple; to solve a long time issue of sitting all day long while working.

Aside from the imposing health risk, sitting all day on your workstation causes a lot of discomforts such as back pain, strained shoulder muscles, and feet. These discomforts hinder an employee from reaching their optimum productivity.

By resolving the issue, employees can now focus on their tasks and in turn becomes more productive. The goal is simple; to achieve optimum productivity, eliminate the hindrances and let them focus on their work.

The founders were once full-time employees and they knew the common struggles that a common employee faces every single day and that’s how Stance Philippines got the idea of a standing desk.

The People Behind Stance Philippines

From barkadas/peers to business partners, that’s how these 3 entrepreneurs started. They are all college graduates who were high school barkada as well and they decided to venture into something beneficial not just to them but to serve a common purpose for a greater good as well. They started on something that they all experienced in common; strained muscles at the end of a working day.

Talastas' Point of View

Technology works wonders in every aspect of life. Even in an office worker’s day to day life, technology is involved. It makes tasks and life easier and efficient.

Stance Philippines took the risk in introducing a new idea into the country to help people work in comfort. Physical wellness should always come first. Stance promotes an innovative way of working towards optimum productivity without sacrificing physical health and comfort.

The idea is also perfect with the growing number of budding freelancers who works home-based and stays in their chair sitting all day/ night long doing their projects.

Talastas also agrees with their belief that the Filipino workforce should have access to innovative tools to makes their lives better. Talent and skills are already, but we need to encourage our workforce to do better by providing them with tools that would make their lives less complicated and comfortable.

Stop strapping yourself on your chair 8 hours a day. Move, Stand, Stretch, Feel Better, and Work Better with Stance Philippines! Star Post Rating

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