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The Hassles of Tacloban’s New Transport Terminal: A YAY OR A NAY?

The Hassles of Tacloban’s New Transport Terminal: A YAY OR A NAY?

Tacloban City’s New Transport Terminal located at the back of Robinson’s Place Marasbaras opened and officially operated last August 7, 2018.

All Public Utility Vehicles including the Vans for Hire from different towns of Leyte that passes through Marasbaras area were rerouted to the New Transport Terminal instead of going to the New Bus Terminal in Abucay.

The old route was from the destination point of every PUV to Tacloban New Bus Terminal either via Marasbaras or Caibaan Road. Almost every vehicle for hire stops at Abucay Terminal except for the vans for hire who has their own terminal and pick up point.

The said rerouting and the new terminal scheme was implemented to avoid the heavy traffic especially that most universities and colleges recently opened the classes of the new school year.

But, as proven by all the rant posts and complains, the opening of the new transport terminal didn’t go well as expected. Passengers and transporters were confused about the sudden rerouting and new terminal implementation.

The confusion resulted in many stranded and irate passengers. I myself experienced the unexpected consequence of the sudden implementation. There were few PUJ’s and lots of passengers plus everyone was eager to go home. Everybody was in a rush to board every jeepney that arrives which apparently disappointed and triggered other passengers who religiously waited and silently fall in line. My discipline and patience were tested that day and fortunately, I was able to go home….late.

UPDATE: On August 8, 20018, the operation of the New Transport Terminal was temporarily suspended and the old route was re-implemented. This was due to the numerous complaints of both drivers and commuters pointing out the lack of proper information dissemination from the management’s end.

In an exclusive interview conducted by RMN to Tacloban City’s Government Executive Assistant Ronnie Cornico, he apologized for the inconvenience that the public went through.

Cornico also added that after a week or two of working out on Information Dissemination, they will re-open and re-operate the Tacloban City’s New Transport Terminal leaving the Abucay’s New Terminal for Samar bound PUJ’s.

Talastas’ Point of View

Change is important for progress to happen but sudden change may cause chaos and confusion. Just like the sudden implementation of the re-routing and New Transport Terminal, the drivers and the commuters were affected.

Before implementing a change of policy and rules, Proper Information Dissemination should have been first implemented. News distribution and giving out information to the public is easier in our era, the digital world. We can start a Facebook, SMS, and other social media news brigade and news media announcements through radios and televisions.

Adjustment time should have been considered. This will give time to both the commuters and drivers to receive the information. The government could have set an exact date on when to operate and open the New Transport Terminal, of course alongside with an effective information dissemination campaign.

The New Transport Terminal will resolve the issues in traffic in the City but implementation should have been planned out and mapped out for an effective win-win solution! Star Post Rating

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