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The iPhone 8 Red: A Hotter yet Cooler Version of its predecessors

iPhone 8 Red Review

America’s biggest cellphone brand, Apple, has released a new addition to its product line-The iPhone Red.

Who wouldn’t want an iPhone? Or better yet, a hot, red iPhone that’s perfect for Philippine users. A new fashion statement that would surely compliment your summer OOTDs.

It’s not something new since this is the second time that Apple released a vibrant red color variation on its iPhone units. But red never goes out of trend. It still looks hot and is highly preferred by all genders. The bright red color is undeniably visually attractive and goes along with all OOTD colors.

The red color variation is only available for iPhone 8 and 8 plus models. For some undisclosed reasons, The iPhone X model doesn’t have the red color variation but Apple will soon release a red folio case to make up for this limitations. You can still enjoy the vibe that Red iPhone brings by buying this accessory plus you’ll get to help their beneficiaries since a chunk of the price goes to a good cause.

What Makes it Different?

This time, Apple smartly designed iPhone 8 red with a black bezel front which compliments the red color. As compared to iPhone 7 white faceplates, the color combination of this one looks satisfyingly better which successfully brings out the sleek look.

Another notable difference is the material used at the back. The IP8 surprisingly has leveled up to glass, unlike the IP7’s aluminum material. The glass back cover looks better, classier, and magnificently beautiful as compared to the robust and rugged look that the iPhone 7’s aluminum back cover.

The glass cover also allows wireless charging but this also means that it may pick up more fingerprints than its previous models. However, this model conceals fingerprints better. The only notable drawback about this product is that even with glass back cover, it can’t hide smudges and may harbor scratches with poor maintenance and usage.

Unlike the previous model’s aluminum cover, the iPhone 8 red doesn’t emit a sparkling shine when hit by light. But the color itself is enough to make up for the missing shine of aluminum back covers.

The red color may also shift from one tone to another depending on its exposure to light and certain light sources but not the same way as HCT’s solar red U11’s color shifting capability.

With full exposure to sunlight, iPhone 8 may appear as vibrant candy red color while it may look like a lighter hushed red indoors.

Talastas’ Opinion

Apple should release an iPhone Red version of its iPhone X model. But for the meantime, iPhone X users may make a separate purchase for a red folio case.

Apple should also eliminate their mid-year cycle of releasing new phone models and release it in September during their launch. But nevertheless, thank you Apple for providing cellular phone users with a new and hotter iPhone model.

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