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To be or Not to be a Techie? Top 6 Reasons Why There’s A Need For Us To Be Techies.

To be or Not to be a Techie? Top 6 Reasons Why There’s A Need For Us To Be Techies.


In this world of new innovations, we need to keep up with technology. In layman’s term, we need to be a “techie”. So, what does this word mean?



“Techie” is often times referred as the “technology enthusiasts”. So, if you are thinking of IT Professionals, programmers, computer or software engineers, and etc., you got it right- they, TOO, are among the “world of techies”. But, did you know- there’s actually a diverse demographic, on where these so called “techies” are coming from?

Currently, this population is significantly growing and unstoppable- coming from different fields of expertise, and all walks of life. Some of you, may and may not know, that these people can actually be either a cook, a police officer or even a teacher! The point is, most of the known techies I encountered, admittedly started as mere “avid fans of technology” who eventually turned out to be “technology geeks”.

Observing the transformation of these people, we can observe the significant transition, from being “tech-curious”, to being tech-savvy.



Nevertheless, just by simply gathering enough technological information- (reading reviews, blogs on their favorite websites, and experimenting most technological products with their technologically enthusiastic friends/colleagues), these in totality, created a big shift of their lives, from being normal human, to becoming the amazing “tech savvies of today”.


The fact that you are still stuck in this article-

“curious & interested”,

Talastas is proud to have made the future “TECHIE” of the Philippines!

So, go to the world and spread the good news!


On the other hand, you might want to read these 6 BENEFITS you get from being “tech savvy”.


1. #OnTheTrend

Allow me to share my story on this topic. A scholarly, practicing social sciences, is now venturing the world of IT/ Techy stuff (me), and it’s obviously ironic. How come? Well, ladies and gentlemen, yours truly, just wasted a thousand dollars on a phone she just realized that it does no further good, other than beautiful display.

As a busy woman, choosing the perfect smart phone which could actually help me organize my daily activities, would have made my life easier. But again, I underestimated technology’s cons, and I just suffered from it.

Embarrassing, at the same time frustrating, but at least I got to learn tech life’s lesson, the hard way (another article).

So, basically, ME- trying so hard to be “on- the- trend”, forgot what it actually meant to be “trendy”. First, what happened, just revealed the “true loser identity”, hiding behind my fashionable appearance; and second, reality hit me on that fact that I am actually #NotTrendy, AT ALL.

Now, as a writer I had this self-realization that we need to keep exploring new ways to be more productive and effectiveby exploring, I MEAN EXPLORE TECHNOLOGY.

Who knows? I can finally find the perfect mobile phone I can be proud to show off!

2. Work Efficiency

We are all aware of the efficiency that technology is giving us. In fact, it is pretty much obvious how, even smartphones, can be powerful tools in doing business nowadays. From online banking transactions, instant business conversations and meetings, to using editing and reading virtual business documents, and etc.

In a bigger perspective, even big companies cannot operate without technology. Automation and Artificial Intelligence has now come to place- and technology, in this sense, maximizes business efficiency. Thus, when there is business efficiency, there is work optimization, most especially for its people.


Doing business, and providing services manually is undoubtedly time consuming. But doing these things with correct the technological assistance, creates big progress and rise to many industries.


In the case of the United States, studies have already proven how information technology made a great impact to US economy’s throughout the years. An impressive development on their economy revealed the great contribution of the strong link between the boom of internet usage, and electronic commerce and economic performance, to the country’s big success.

3. Skill/s Development

Personally, discussing this 3rd reason is very important.

As a young professional- who has all the energy to explore the world, she needs to do it in the modern way she’s supposed to. And honestly, we’ll never know what more we can achieve and do, with the help of technology!

I have met a lot of people, I did not imagine who can fulfill their passion in such creative ways!

What’s the secret?

They do it & live, with gadgets and online tools!

In return, they are subconsciously learning the skills that “techies” have!

4. Career Growth

Practically speaking, if you are a career- oriented person, when you develop new and some necessary skills, you know it will be your advantage in the future.

Basically, relating to # 3, skills development can then lead you to a better and clearer career pathway and/or growth. I believe, with technology, everything just falls into place, if used and handled properly, and efficiently. There are so many things that technology can provide us, but it is on us, on how we can leverage such opportunities that tech world is handling to us.



5. Awareness

If it wouldn’t be of the shame I got from buying a useless and defective phone, I would not even be writing this article (just kidding). But really, what is with awareness?

Well, this is for the fact that when you begin to understand the importance of quality over appearance this already give s you the hint of awareness on technology. In return, what awareness can do to you, will even make your investments on gadgets and whatnot, more meaningful and worth it.

6. Security

And this last reason, is of course, also one of the biggest factors we should consider, as we dive into the world of technology- OUR SECURITY. All that I have mentioned above, boils down to this area- our protection from the constantly changing and innovating world.


Keeping these 6 reminders will already able you to to move to the next level. After all, just as how my great sensei Telmo, would always say

The tech world will inevitably takeover everyone, there is no escape to it, if you avoid it, it will leave you behind in the 21st century”.

So, what do say? Take it or leave it- and forever be the 90’s technophobe? Keep up or be beaten up?


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