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Why Websites are Essential for Your Business Growth and Stability

Why Websites are Essential for Your Business Growth and Stability

Why Websites are Essential for your Business Growth and Stability

Website: Essential for Your Business Growth and Stability

The new generation of millennial spearheaded various business opportunities and channels to both small time and established entrepreneurs. The internet opened a new advertising and sales channel to every businessman.

Online selling also became popular in this generation where everyone can buy, shop, book, and set up an appointment online. Everything is easy and with just a few clicks, you can get what you need. From food delivery to legal assistance, everything is made available to the public through the internet.

Facebook, which is supposedly a social media platform, also opened its doors to e-commerce through their business/marketplace portal. The Philippines, being one of the top Facebook users, took this opportunity to the next level. Most entrepreneurs, wholesalers and retailers, opened their online shops in Facebook and gathers their sales through “private message negotiations”.

Yes, it made business and availing of services accessible, fast, and efficient. But it also welcomed SCAMMERS and FRAUDS with the platform’s light security.

So, let us help you go with the internet trend in a safer and more reliable way. How? Through establishing your online business with a WEBSITE!

Website in Relation to your Business

Most companies in the first world countries have their own website regardless if they have a physical shop/store. Wondering why?

A website offers a wider range of advertising and marketing opportunities. The internet is limitless and having your own website gives you a fighting chance to build a reputation, gather clients from all over the world, get known globally, and gain inter-cultural and inter-racial working experience. 

Your website is the face of your company’s online presence. It serves multiple benefits from being an advertising channel, front desk, help center, and marketing portal. It serves as your company’s center in the competitive world of online businesses.

The Benefits of having a Business Website

Client Upsurge

Admit it or not, your business is only known in your local area which limits your sales. Having a business website gives you access to a bigger population of potential clients who do not only want your products and services but also “need” what you’re selling. See the difference?

24/7 Accessibility

Say goodbye to closing hours by owning a website. You don’t have to turn down client inquiries just because of closing hours because, with a website, your clients can book and reserve a slot for your services anytime regardless of time zone differences. This gives your company more gigs, more clients, and more sales.

Save Time and Front Desk Costs

As what I’ve mentioned earlier, your website serves as your company’s face and center in the online world. So why hire a front desk officer? 

Your website also acts as the company’s information bank. Everything that the public needs to know about the products, services, promotional offers, and policies are all presented on your website. This will save you and your team a LOT of time from explaining and re-explaining things to potential clients.

Plus, you’ll get to save extra efforts because giving out important information educates your customers. Thus, what’s left is discussing the more important details of the services and products that they want to avail.  

Reliability and Credibility

  • The length of exposure of a website indicates the company’s reliability and credibility. 

The major drawback of having a website is “feedback”. Feedbacks can bring a positive impact to your business but I’m telling you, if you fail once, it will taint your business’ reputation FOREVER.

Before buying a product or services, you usually run a quick research about the company. Since the internet stores all information, it also stores every negative feedback thrown at your company and your potential customers will see it every time they use keywords related to your business. You may hide these feedbacks, but rest assured that feedbacks are also shared in forums where you don’t have control.

That’s why websites are more reliable and credible than Facebook-based business. In Facebook, you can always deactivate your business page and create a new one when negative comments arise. But with a website, it will cost you more to get a new one and 

since most information was already shared, from owners down to staff, your clients will notice the discrepancies and similarities.

Website owners always step their best foot forward to avoid tainting their company’s image. Thus SCAMMING and FRAUDS are next to impossible.


is expensive especially if you have to advertise your business in multiple ways eg. media, TV, radio, and newspaper. You may use these channels but its reach is still stuck in your local area ONLY. 

A website, on the other hand, offers limitless advertising through blog posts, forum interaction, social media sharing, and etc. You’ll get to reach more people from all over the globe since everyone can visit your website regardless of location.

So why spend more on regular advertising if you can pay once (for website creation) and advertise your company any time you want without spending too much.?


  • When you advertise your business, depending on the channel, you tend to violate some environmental rule instead of promoting environmental awareness. At some point, you infringe the environmentalist beliefs and in the process, you lose potential clients from this sector. 

By using a website in advertising, you don’t have to use other tangible materials in promoting your products and services. And you get avoid conflict, show environmental support, and gain popularity from environmentalist which could be your next clients. See? It’s a win-win solution!

Track Your Business

You get full access to your business website and get valuable information such as the extent of advertising reach. As a website administrator, you learn statistics and track your business performance in terms of site visits, increase sales, an upsurge in emails and inquiries. 

This information is highly valuable to business owners because you’ll know exactly what to change to perform better. You get to track your business and learn your shortcomings and transform your contents for better and more competitive business.

Build a Relationship with your Client

Don’t keep your client waiting! Answer their inquiries in no time through a website. Instead of calling or personally visiting them, which is, by the way, a hassle, why don’t you just send them a quick message through your website’s “contact” options? This will help both you and your client save time and effort. Of course, your client will love you more given that you highly value them and their time.

Less Expensive

Owning a business website requires you to spend before earning. Yes, you need to buy or hire a professional to create your business website but if you’ll look closely, you will get to save more in the long run.

Talastas’ Point of View

Don’t let your business get stuck in the old school and costly type of advertising and marketing channels. A good businessman knows how to go with the trend and learns to adjust and adapt to the changes.

Have you ever wondered how most businesses in the first world countries get huge success despite the tight competition? Because they know how to smartly use available resources.

Now is the perfect time to value the use of a website. Help your business get global attention and increase popularity which will eventually impact your sales. 

Don’t risk your company’s name, reliability, and credibility by settling with the free online platform. Let your clients know that you are a SERIOUS BUSINESSMAN. 

And just a friendly reminder, when looking for website builders, don’t settle for less. Always look for the excellent choice. Startups are always the best option because of affordability and fresh ideas. And most of all, don’t forget to #supportlocal website developers.  

Looking for the right one? Stop Searching, Start Hiring! Telmo Solutions has the best, young professionals and highly skilled web developers. We value your trust, and in return, we give you optimum quality service. Let us know what you need and we will surpass your expectations. 

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